Partners and Supporters

CWRC’s partners and supporters include:

The CLC provides leadership on the research side of this project, playing a major role on the CRWC Board, convening regular meetings of researchers and projects involved in CRWC, coordinating research grant applications and funding, and contributing to outreach, dissemination, administration and scholarly output in both official languages.

The University Libraries are a major partner in the development of the ORCA (Online Research Canada) repository.

The EMiC project is a major partner in the development of software for the CWRC repository, as well as having a number of research projects that will participate in CWRC.

CWRC is founded on the Orlando Project’s experience in the collaborative production of born-digital scholarship, and will build on its technical developments as well as its Canadian content.

The TAPoR project’s analytical tools will form part of the CWRC toolset.

A co-organized conference on cultural histories after the digital term will be hosted by the TransCanada Institute at the University of Guelph in spring 2012.

CWRC hopes to enable searching across materials and to expose its own materials through Canadiana’s discovery portal.

  • individual scholars possessing digital content that they would like to see shared more widely and interlinked with other resources on Canadian writing

A number of scholars have committed existing digital resources to CWRC.

Other supportive groups and projects include: