“Index of Contributors to Crucible Magazine, 1932-1943”; or, Adventures in Research Opus 4

Here at the Canada’s Early Women Writers project, we are compiling as comprehensive a list of early Canadian female authors as possible. One of the tasks we set our RAs is to go through Canadian periodicals from the 1800s and early 1900s and simply glean the names of women who have contributed to the publications. Sometimes the RAs become so immersed in their research that they spend their own leisure hours creating gems of organization beauty that are at the same time works of great value to the Canadian literature community. In 2011, Kim Mulder published on our website an index of female contributors to the Canadian Poetry Magazine up to 1950 (the date of our project cut-off). Nicholas Beauchesne, now a PhD candidate at the University of Alberta, has similarly constructed and recently published a complete index of all contributors to the Crucible little magazine, for its entire run from March 1932 through April-May 1943. The work of gathering together digital copies of (almost) all of the extant issues of this magazine was monumental. Nick has accompanied his index with an informative introduction that speaks to the difficulties inherent in researching obscure publications that were deemed to be of lesser significance at the time of production. Nick’s publication is (not unexpectedly) rather long, comprising the introduction, 40 pages of index, and an appendix listing the holding locations for all known Crucible issues. I won’t, then, repost the publication here, but please do check it out on our website (active link above). It is, I believe, an important contribution to the corpus of digital resources available to Canadiana scholars.

~Karyn Huenemann, Project Manager, Canada’s Early Women Writers (SFU)