Carole Gerson awarded Tremaine Medal and Watters-Morley Prize

Gerson photoDr. Carole Gerson will be awarded the Tremaine Medal and Watters-Morley Prize for 2013 by the Bibliographical Society of Canada at the society’s annual meeting in Victoria in early June.

The award announcement reads:

“Professor in the Department of English at Simon Fraser, Dr. Gerson is among the leading figures of a generation of scholars who have built a more inclusive vision of Canadian literary history. The extent to which she has helped to establish the basic bibliography of early Canadian women writers, develop print and electronic reference tools, and push the boundaries of the field, is truly remarkable. We are pleased to offer this recognition of her many contributions.”

Dr. Gerson, the principal investigator of CWRC’s Canada’s Early Women Writers project, received this year a grant from SSHRC for a new project on  “Reinventing the Past: Intertextual Recognition and Public Commemoration of Early Canadian Writers” which will pursue research concerning (1) the role of later creative writers in reviving and publicizing earlier writers, and (2) the public presence given to writers by such gestures as mounting plaques in their honour, holding festivals and awarding prizes in their names, and maintaining their houses as public sites.