Dynamic Table of Contexts Video Tutorial


CWRC has recently uploaded a video tutorial on the Dynamic Table of Contexts (DToC). This is a short introductory video in which Stan Ruecker, CWRC collaborator, gives a brief overview of what DToC is and how to use it.

To see the whole video, please click here.

The Dynamic Table of Contexts developed from the question of how best to leverage the kind of tagging or semantic markup used in the digital humanities to publish born digital scholarship involving long-form argumentation of the kind found in scholarly books. The browser, which resembles an e-book interface of the kind encountered at websites such as archive.org, combines tagging of the structure of the text with the tagging of named entities (people, places, organizations, titles) and with search functionality. Together, these provide users with a unique environment for browsing and navigating through the digital book that combines the Table of Contents with the Index. The result is a dynamic browsing environment in which the user can see where the materials that interest her are located within the structure of the volume.

If you want to know more about the DToC, you can read about it here.