Emergent Scholars Group

Call for Emergent Scholars

CWRC is dedicated to supporting emergent scholars. If you are a graduate student, a sessional, or in the early stages of your academic career, you may want to consider joining the Emergent Scholars group. The Emergent Scholars page will offer tools and resources to introduce, enhance, and hone your digital research skills. It will also showcase projects in their early stages allowing you to give and receive feedback to and from your peers.

We are currently working on building a formalized mentoring programme as well.

What does it mean to be a member? 
Membership in the Emergent Scholars group can simply involve making use of the resources we develop, or it could mean that you dedicate a small amount of time to the testing of new collaborative, digital humanities tools. See our Types of Membership.

Suggestions for agenda-setting for the Emergent Scholars group, as well as interest in joining, should be directed to the Emergent Scholars Leader: Erin Wunker

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