Cultural Historiography Conference at Guelph

Alan Liu and Steven HighCultural Historiography:

Emergent Theories, Methods, and the Digital Turn

University of Guelph

March 1-3, 2012

An interdisciplinary conference jointly sponsored by the TransCanada Institute and the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory /Le Collaboratoire scientifique des écrits du Canada to foster debate on new modes of history as engaged by cultural historians, literary historians, and critics in the era of digital scholarship and the larger troubling of historical endeavours.


Alan Liu (University of California, Santa Barbara): “Remembering Networks: Agrippa, RoSE, and Network Archaeology”

Steven High (Concordia University): “From Collection to Curation: Oral History in a Time of Multi-Media Authorship and Collaborative Practice.”

Full program: Cultural Historiography Program.

To register, click here. (Differential rates for graduate students and University of Guelph students.)

Conference funding and support generously provided by the Office of the Vice-President Research, the College of Arts, the School of English and Theatre Studies, and the TransCanada Institute.