Edmonton Launch Workshop Schedule

Edmonton Launch Workshop Schedule

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Thursday: CWRC project and workshop launch (for those who can come)

3:30-5:30 – Project Launch Celebration at Alumni House featuring Shawna Lemay and Aritha Van Herk

Friday: exploring tools

9:00 AM – Introduction of participants; overview of CWRC (Old Arts 112)

9:30 AM – Visualization and text analysis tools (Voyant): engaging with literary texts (Old Arts 112)

10:45 AM – Coffee break

11:00 AM – Visualization tools (Ovis, Six Degrees of Separation, Breadboard, Mandala) (Old Arts 112)

12:30 PM – Lunch. Breakout groups: Emergent Scholars Group; Events group; other groups as decided

1:30 PM – Dr. Laura Mandell workshop keynote: D3: Digital Media, Distant Reading, and Discipline (Humanities Centre L-3)

3:00 PM – Coffee break

3:30 to 5:30 PM – Visualization wrap-up (if needed); collection management and interface organization (JiTR)

6:30-8:30 or later – Book launch and casual dinner at Leva (optional)

Saturday: project-building day

9:00 AM – Authority lists, object-level metadata, and markup/text encoding schemes. Tools: Table of Contexts (Table of Contexts viewer, MODS Editor, CWRCWriter)

12:30 AM – Lunch: breakout groups according to interests, including Emergent Scholars Group

2:00 PM – Policies: Project Charters; Terms of Use and Licensing; Research support policies

3:30 PM – Coffee break

3:30 to 5:00 PM – Next steps; ways to stay involved

Dinners all three evenings are optional and pay-as-you-go. Lunches are provided.