CFP Congress 2014: individuals and collectives in collaborative digital environments

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 9.41.44 PMBorders, Boundaries, and Balance: individuals and collectives in collaborative digital environments
ACCUTE member-organized session for Congress 2014
Organizer: Susan Brown (U of Guelph, Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory)

Collaboration is a key feature of many digital environments, and collaborative research projects have featured prominently in the development of the digital humanities. Listservs, wikis, shared blogs, and aggregations of resources are increasingly used by scholars for research or dissemination. Outward-facing projects that engage the scholarly community or the public through commentary, annotation, tagging or metadata contributions are increasingly common.

This session addresses the relationship between individual and collective priorities within the context of digital work. Proposals may tackle topics including but not limited to the following:

• credit in environments such as wikis or shared blogs;
• risks and rewards of collaborative digital work for new career scholars;
• project charters and other means of negotiating expectations;
• relations between researchers and the public or students in collaborative creation of content or metadata;
• decision-making processes within collaborative projects.

This panel is organized by the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory ( and welcomes submissions related to any relevant collaborative environment.

Proposals should conform to ACCUTE submission requirements: proposal (300-500 words with no identifying marks for the author), 100-word abstract, 50-word bio, and Proposal Submissions Information Sheet).

Please send proposals by Nov. 1 to Susan Brown, University of Guelph (susan/dot/brown\at\uoguelph/dot/ca)