CLC Research Seminar 2012: “Canadian Writing and the Digital Turn”

This gathering sponsored by the Canadian Literature Centre on Febrary 7, 2012 brought together researchers presently engaging in digital humanities research and Canadian writing, and in relation to the “CWRC” online infrastructure project, or Canadian Research Writing Collaboratory.

As CWRC devises new tools and methods of study to meet the digital turn, its scholarship shifts towards fertile cross-disciplinary and collaborative energies. CWRC seeks to investigate links between writers, readers, texts, places, communities, critical traditions, and intellectual movements; to advance understanding of past and present cultural production, change, and social transformation; and produce crucial open-access knowledge accessible to Canadians and the world.

Participants in the seminar presented pilot projects intended to “seed” the CWRC database (ORCA) as well as affiliated projects that will contribute to the enrichment of the online environment. Topics covered by seminar participants include urban mapping, community and memory, literary history, intellectual movements, digital archives, spatial relations and literature, and the locality of reading. See the program here.