Ryerson Mini-CWRCshop Registration

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The Ryerson CWRC2 mini-workshop will run 9 until 3:30 on Thursday, October 27th, before the conference starts. Project intro, visualization prototypes and CWRC tool prototypes with Susan Brown, Stéfan Sinclair and Stan Ruecker in the morning; spatial and mapping session with Bethany Nowviskie and Jeremy Boggs in the afternoon.

The workshop is free, so long as the room is not full, so please make sure that you register for the workshop.

We hope to see you at Space/Place/Play conference; registration for the conference is found here.

To register for the workshop: please copy the form below and email it to: cwrc-workshop@ualberta.ca

Ryerson Mini-Workshop Registration Form


Email address:

Institutional affiliation and position, if any:

Dietary restrictions (we’ll do our best to accommodate):

Do you plan to attend the CWRC2 conference? YES/NO

Brief description of yourself and your interest in CWRC (unless you’re already active with us) and anything in particular that you hope we’ll cover at the workshop.