Registration for CWRC Launch Workshop

The CWRC Launch workshop will be held in at the University of Alberta in Edmonton starting with the CWRC Launch on Thursday, September 29th, 2011. If you are looking for the mini-workshop associated with the CWRCII Space/Place/Play conference at Ryerson University in October, click here instead.

The workshop is free and open to anyone with an interest in CWRC.

The Launch info can be found here. We very much hope you can come to the launch, which will also serve as a workshop kickoff, but you are most welcome to the workshop either way. All are welcome: you need not have been previously involved in CWRC to come to the workshop, but please register in advance so we know to expect you.

The schedule for the workshop can be found here.

Hotel information can be found here. The early booking rates have expired but spaces are still available.

To register, please copy and paste the form below into an email message directed to:

We look forward to seeing you very soon!

CWRC Launch Workshop Registration Form


Email address:

Institutional affiliation and position, if any:

Dietary restrictions (we’ll do our best to accommodate):

Do you plan to attend the launch? YES/NO

Please indicate if you are interested in group restaurant meal (pay as you go) on any of the following nights: Thurs: YES/NO   Friday: YES/NO   Saturday: YES/NO

Brief description of yourself and your interest in CWRC (unless you’re already active with us) and anything in particular that you hope we’ll cover at the workshop.