SW Ontario DH workshop

Clip of DHSI logoTri-University Digital Humanities Workshop
University of Guelph • University of Waterloo • Wilfrid Laurier University  Sept. 30- Oct. 1, 2011

Over the past several decades, the various disciplines in the humanities have been incorporating the tools and methods of computers into all facets of their work – from research and preservation to teaching and more general dissemination. This two-day event aims at bringing together practitioners who use the digital humanities in Southwestern Ontario and beyond. The first day (Sept. 30) will consist of a Digital Humanities Networking Event, including presentations from organizations and industrial partners who use digital techniques. The second day (Saturday, October 1) will consist of thematic presentations on academic research in the digital humanities, focusing broadly on the areas of network analysis and ‘digging into data’.

Full information is here.