Living Archive

cwilaThe “Living Archive” is a part of “Restacking the Shelves: Building Equity in the Canadian Literary Arts,” a long-term project aimed at building a multi-user “Living Archive” for management of emerging and archival material as well as collaboration between literary critics, students, and writers. The project builds on extant digital infrastructure created by the CFI-funded Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory (CWRC). This easily accessible digital space, those devoted to changing structural inequities in Canadian literary culture can begin to use interdisciplinary methods and emergent technologies to conduct interviews with writers, teachers, and critics as well as publish the materials in a born-digital publication in partnership with CWRC and Wilfrid Laurier University Press (WLUP). While building the Living Archive in CWRC, we will be able to train student researchers in a Humanities-based quantitative method for understanding, theorizing, and disseminating data on the mechanics of Canada’s literary culture, while foregrounding the data collected by the annual gender audit of Canadian literary publications produced by Canadian Women in the Literary Arts (CWILA). The project aims to analyze raw data about gender in Canadian literary culture that has been gathered by CWILA in order to narrativize and disseminate those findings in a “Living Archive” in collaboration with the writers it addresses, and to develop a sustainable model for inter-generational mentorship among women working in the Canadian literary arts.

Project Leader: Erin Wunker