Online Research Canada (ORCA) Repository

ORCA is the repository being built by the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory to foster collaboration among those studying writing in and about Canada and those who hold data collections. The ORCA and the CWRC community will provide access to a number of related and interlinked sets of digital research materials and provide an environment to assist researchers in putting their research materials online.

Within ORCA, the “CWRC Commons” will be a collaborative collection of materials to which members of the CWRC community will be able to contribute additions, corrections, and enhancements, so as to connect and share their research. Other collections within CWRC will represent the efforts of scholars and individuals to build focused sets of materials that can be accessed and used on their own, or in conjunction with the other materials in ORCA with which they interlink.

CWRC is committed to the principles of open access and allows access to its content wherever possible.

If you are interested in the possibility of donating an existing collection of materials or beginning a research project with CWRC, please contact