The Canadian Women’s Writing Project

West Coast treesThe Canadian Women’s Writing Project is an umbrella project bringing together diverse investigations of women’s writing in Canada.

It is a  group of interrelated projects, communicating through a series of meetings, workshops, and conferences and operating in parallel, according to their own schedules and funding opportunities.

The results of these projects will be made interoperable by the CWRC infrastructure.

Active research projects include:

  • Canadian women writers since 1950
    • Project Leader: Patricia Demers
  • Canada’s Early Women Writers
    • Project Leader: Carole Gerson
  • Profiles of Contemporary Women Playwrights
    • Project Leader: Ann Wilson
  • Creative non-fiction writers
    • Janice Williamson
  • Sheila Watson Digital Archive
    • Project Leader: Paul Hjartarson
  • Cabaret Commons
    • Project Leader: TL Cowan