Emergent Scholars Group Biographies

Contributing Members
Constance Crompton, University of Victoria
I co-direct Lesbian and Gay Liberation in Canada. I am currently in the CWRC-writer testing group and look forward to continuing to test CWRC tools, or indeed to work with the community in whichever way seems most appropriate.

Melissa Dalgleish, York University
My research interests are: Modern Canadian poetry; modernist mythopoeia; new modernist studies; Canadian pataphysics; digital humanities; editorial theory. My current project is called: Anne Wilkinson’s Counterpoint to Sleep: A Digital Edition.

Sharanpal Ruprai, York University
My research interests are: Creative Research Practice, Canadian Literature, South Asian Literature, Feminist Inquiry, Postcolonial and Diasporic studies, Sikh Studies, Women’s Studies, Cinema, Film Studies and Video. In my dissertation, Negotiating the Sikh Body: Subjectivity, Gender and Diaspora, I examine contemporary images of the Sikh woman in
contemporary South Asian Canadian Literature and film.

Active Members
Jon Gordon, University of Alberta
My research interests are: Canadian literature; oil; cultural studies; eco-criticism; regionalism; globalization; technology; community; rhetoric and composition; Writing Studies. Unsustainable Rhetoric: Bitumen, Literature, and a History of Self-Deception.

Shannon Maguire, Brock University
I am currently a MA student in Text/ Community/ Discourse at Brock University. My research focuses on digital literature, innovative and modernist poetry, gender, sexuality, nationalism and interrelationships between creative writing and technologies.

Affiliate Members
Kit Dobson, Mount Royal University
My research interests are: Canadian literature, globalization, culture industries, poetry, and fiction. I am in the midst of completing two book projects: first, a book of essays co-edited with Aine McGlynn entitled Transnationalism,
Activism, Art
; second, a book of interviews co-edited / co-authored with Smaro Kamboureli entitled Producing Canadian Literature: Authors Speak on the Literary Marketplace. I am also at work on essays on dystopic writing in Canada, consumerism and shopping in a literary framework, and transnational poetics.

Katherine Ovens, York University
I am interested in exploring how digital humanities can enhance my research as I begin my dissertation (which, very broadly, will examine material conditions for publishing contemporary, “multicultural” novels in Canada).

Emily Robins Sharpe, Pennsylvania State University
I’m currently working on two scholarly editions–one on Hugh Garner’s short stories, one on Canadian Spanish Civil War writings that combine print and digital materials, and I’m excited for what the CWRC offers in terms of theoretical and practical frameworks for planning them.

Lee Skallerup Bessette, Morehead State University
I want to connect and participate in this project as it intersects into my own research interests (archives, translation, Canadian/Quebec literary relationships, editing and anthologizing, digital humanities,
new ways of sharing/interacting with scholarship).