hastac-logo-collapsed The acronym HASTAC stands for Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboration, co-founded in 2002 by Cathy N. Davidson and David Theo Goldberg.

HASTAC conferences are held annually and are hosted by various organizations, and in different locations around the world. For example previous conferences were held at Duke University, Durham; York University in Toronto; the Ministry of Culture in Lima, Peru, etc.

HASTAC 2016 was held in Arizona on May 11-14. The theme of HASTAC 2016 was “Impact, Variation, Innovation, Action.” Therefore, papers and presentations emphasized and encouraged “broader conversations about the past, current, and potential impact of interdisciplinary work in research and education” (Information). Digital humanities represent an area of interest when it comes to learning and teaching, and are thus an important topic in HASTAC conferences.

The conference “usually attracts between 250-450 attendees from around the world. Attendees include professors, independent scholars, HASTAC Scholars, graduate and undergraduate students, and professionals dedicated to using the open web to change the way we teach and learn” (HASTAC Conferences).

HASTAC 2017 Conference will be held in November 2017 (dates TBD) by the Florida Digital Humanities Consortium in Orlando, Florida.


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