Literary Awards in Canada 1923-2000/Prix littéraires au Canada 1923-2000

This comprehensive and bilingual historical database, created by Angela Lonardo, Karen Lippold, and Suzanne Sexty of the Queen Elizabeth II Library of Memorial University of Newfoundland, is available for search and exploration at

Literary Awards in Canada will also join CWRC as one of our donated data collections, providing an unparalleled source of information about the awards and their recipients that will greatly enhance the Collaboratory’s materials,and its contents will be available for updates and enhancement within the Collaboratory.



Database Description:

Literary Awards in Canada 1923-2000/Prix littéraires au Canada 1923-2000 is an historical database which comprises English language, French language, and bilingual literary awards. English language prizes are included if they were awarded at least every two years; French language prizes if awarded at least every three years. There are some exceptions to these criteria. Awards of exceptional significance in the Canadian literary scene are included regardless of frequency. Only prizes awarded to adult writers are included. If an award had categories for both adult and young writers, only the adult categories are included. Only first prize winners are included, unless it was not possible to differentiate the first prize winners from others. In that case all winners are listed.

The database also includes international awards. These are included if at least one of the sponsoring agencies was Canadian and the prize alternated between Canadian and foreign authors, or if there was no nationality requirement but authors were obliged to write on a Canadian subject. In the case of French language international awards, an award is included if at least one sponsoring agency was Canadian and the prize was open to francophone residents or citizens of North America.