Paper Speaking: Indigenous Publication in Northern North America from the Beginning to 1992



This bibliography and textbase, produced by Margery Fee, Daniel Justice and Deanna Reder, is intended to help scholars, teachers, students, and Indigenous community members to find published works of literature, history, ethography, autobiography and the like by Indigenous authors.

“Paper Speaking:  Indigenous Publication in Northern North America from the Beginning to 1992” will include authors writing in English or translated into English who were born in Canada or who are closely connected to Canada by virtue of citizenship, membership in a “cross-border” community, or residence. It will include “told-to” life stories, but not transcribed orature. The bibliography will be annotated and tagged in stages, beginning with the birth/death dates and the ethnic affiliation(s) of the authors. Important secondary sources will also be listed. Over time, we will produce entries on the biography and writing career for each writer with markup adapted from the tagset used for the Orlando: Women’s Writing in the British Isles from the Beginnings to the Present textbase.

Researchers: Margery Fee, Daniel Justice and Deanna Reder.