EMiC/Islandora DH Sprout

Islandora‘s Discovery Garden is working with the Editing Modernism in Canada project to produce a Digital Humanities Sprout.

This innovative extension of Islandora’s existing functionality (see blog post by Matt Huculak) will provide a front-end framework to support digitization, textual editing (including the CWRCWriter), image markup, and digital edition publication with a Fedora repository.  EMiC, the Islandora/Discovery Garden, and the CWRC teams are working together to ensure common data models and interoperability across the DH Sprout and CWRC environments.

Project leaders (EMiC): Dean Irvine and Matt Huculak

Islandora lead: Mark Leggott

DH Sprout project manager: Kirsta Stapelfeldt

Progammers: Alan Stanley and others on the DG team