Evacuation, Confinement, Representation and the Digital Archive

public domain: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:JapaneseCanadian-Confiscating-Boat.jpg

Project Lead: Sheena Wilson

This project aims to create a digital archive of material on Japanese Canadian history, with a specific focus on the representation of Second World War evacuation from the West Coast.  Recovery work, and making that information easily accessible through publication on the digital commons, is part of the project.  Another is to make available newly generated research on Japanese Canadian cultural production related to these historical events.  Beyond that, artists, researchers, and organizations that work on related projects are encouraged to publish their work through the archive or choose to link existing online projects to this project site so as to make more material accessible through the digital creative commons.

Contact: sheena.wilson@ualberta.ca
Website: http://www.csj.ualberta.ca/swilson/