Just in Time Research (JiTR)

A collections management prototype that came out of the Mashing Texts project, Just in Time Research is a prototype of a system to streamline the exploration of digital resources.

Taking web mashups as a spiritual guide, Mashing Texts prototyped a recombinant research environment for document management, large-scale linguistic research, and cultural analysis. JiTR helps its user collect online texts into one place, then organize and process them. JiTR streamlines the research process, so you can concentrate on what’s important.

One of JiTR’s legacies is the CWRC content and collections management system, which is building on and extending the array of functionalities prototyped in JiTR to serve CWRC users in many of the same ways. The content management system is also building on the interface designs developed out of the Mashing Texts and Implementing the New Knowledge Environment (INKE) projects for JiTR.

Project Leader: Geoffrey Rockwell, University of Alberta

Current interface development leader: Stan Ruecker, Illinois Institute of Design

Interface design: Peter Organisciak (McMaster University; University of Alberta), Milena Radzikowska (Mount Royal College), Luciano Luciano Frizzera (University of Alberta)

Prototype development: Kamal Ranaweera (University of Alberta)

Interface prototyping: Mark Bieber (freelance)